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Ride A Cervelo For Maximum Speed!

Ride a top-notch Cervelo Bicycle!
If you have an insatiable appetite for speed, feast your eyes on the Cervelo line! These land-rockets are constructed to get you to the finish line fast with state-of-the-art materials, top-tech engineering and exceptional aerodynamics. Check 'em out today!

We Have Great Products and Service at Mercury Endurance Cycles

The open road is calling and we've got a road bike to get you out there!
Go farther, faster and discover more trails on your new mountain bike!
Actually enjoy your commute with the right bike, accessories and clothing!
Children love bicycles and we've got kids' bikes for all ages!
We've got the training and tools to keep your bikes running great!

BG Fit Studio

We are now a Specialized Bicycle Company certified BG Fit technician!  This is one of the most in depth and complete bike fits around!  In this we fit the bike to the body and not the body to the bike.  Stop in or call to make an appointment. 

Stages Power Meter Dealer

We are proud to announce that we are a Stages Power Meter Dealer.  Stages is now helping to bring power training to the masses by helping bring price points down.  With having a coach on staff who has been power training certified for over 10 years can help you get your training and racing to the next level! 

Kids' Buy Back Program

Looking for a kids' bike but want something that will last and grow?  We have a unique buy back program on kids' bicycles!  For more details check our Policies page or stop in and ask us how it works. 

Discover Fun On Specialized Bikes!

Mercury Endurance's Specialized bicycles offer fun for life!

Specialized bicycles are an amazing way to enjoy life, family and the beauty that surrounds us. We have a great selection of bicycles for all ages and interests, and the friendly staff at Mercury Endurance Cycles will help you find just the one you want!

Today's Tip

Turning Tricks - It takes a little practice, but an important skill for turning in traffic is signaling. Signal well before the intersection and always make sure it's safe before starting your turn or changing lanes preparing to turn. To signal a stop, put your left arm out and down with the palm to the rear. For a turn, put your left or right arm straight out to indicate a left or right turn. If you're nervous about signaling in traffic, practice these motions on a quiet street or empty parking lot until you can do them safely and comfortably.

You'll Fly On Your Felt Bicycle!

At Mercury Endurance Cycles in Hagerstown, MD, Felt's aerodynamic time trial and triathlon bicycles are unrivaled!
Don't tri harder, tri smarter! Felt's aerodynamic bicycles are tops in their class, delivering unprecedented time savings for your dollar. Cheat the wind today at Mercury Endurance Cycles!

Enjoy A Cannondale Bicycle Today!

At Mercury Endurance Cycles in Hagerstown, MD, Cannondale bicycles get the job done!
From roads, to trails, to bike paths and singletrack, Cannondale has the right ride for you. No matter your riding preference, you'll find top-notch bicycles, accessories and clothing right here at Mercury Endurance Cycles, from the brand we trust — Cannondale!
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