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Bike Service & Repair

We have the best Mechanics in Hagerstown!

We have a United Bicycles Institute Certified Mechanic on staff as well as over 75 years of industry experience. Look no further to get the best and most affordable service out there! Some may question our fast turnaround but our shop has 3 mechanics on staff and all of them have been professionally trained and schooled. That is how we can offer the turnaround we do. We also offer a 30 day guarantee on all labor and repairs.
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Winter is the best time to get your bike serviced!  Many times from November thru February there are only 4 or 5 bikes here for service so you will be without it less.  We make every effort to get your bike back in less than 7 days but certain times of year we get backed up and it takes longer or if the bike needs parts we have to order from various warehouses.  

Tune-Up Package Options

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, we recommend choosing one of our complete tune-up packages. We also offer a la carte bike repairs if you're in need of a minor fix or adjustment. We strive to complete your bike service quickly and accurately. Learn more about our packages and visit us today for your free estimate.  Due to limited storage space and the constant flow of repairs and new bikes any bike left after 2 weeks will have a 2 dollar per day (10 dollar weekly storage) fee added to them.  Any bike not picked up after 1 month will be put on the sales floor or donated to charity.   All tune up packages have an additional shop materials fee that helps cover the cost of tool replacement, lubes, cleaners and shop rags. 

Gear and Brake


  • Gear and Brake includes:
  • Adjust front and rear gears
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Safety check
  • Air up tires



  • Annual includes:
  • Adjust front and rear gears
  • Adjust front and rear brakes plus inspect pads for wear
  • Adjust all bearings and check for wear (bottom bracket, headset and hubs)
  • Inspect gear and brake cables and housing for wear
  •  Wheel truing
  • Wipe down of frame and wheels
  • This is the best value!

Drive Train Overhaul


  • Annual Tune plus:
  • Includes everything of the Annual Tune up
  • Removal and cleaning of drive train components
  • Does not includeany new parts like chain and cassette but installation of those parts are free with this package



  • Drive Train Overhaul plus:
  • Installation of new brake and gear cables and housing
  • Includes installation of any new or additional parts
  • Does not include suspension fork overhauls
  • $199.99 with cables and housing included.  (this does not count any additional parts needed like bar tape or chains and cassettes).

Contact us to schedule your bike service today.